Anthony Joiner
$20.00 / month

Idea to Book

Training Portal for Authors in Idea to Book Membership Program

AJ Joiner

Women in Music Summit

J Carter

Making the Brand

Learn exactly how to create and structure your brand... so it can become a household name.

Nicole Garner-Scott


An interactive training featuring self-made, self-paid entrepreneur experts. Taught By Nicole Garner Scott produced by Anthony 'AJ' Joiner

Chef Ahki

Chef Ahki Fibroid Elimination Course

80% of the women in the United States will suffer from fibroids, a tumorous growth found under or in the uterus. The Fibroid Elimination Course is here to help you treat your body from the inside out, starting with foods that heal.

Chef Ahki


The Electric Lifestyle course is here to help you transition from the standard american diet (s.a.d.) to an electric lifestyle. Stop putting processed, hormone-filled, chemical filled food in your body and live an electric lifestyle!